Tauranga Moana Wai Māori Wānanga

Day 1 – Thursday 29th October, Tuapiro marae (overnight noho)
Day 2 – Friday 30 October, Tuapiro but move to Te Rereatukahia marae in the afternoon (overnight noho)
Day 3 – Saturday 31 October, Rereatukahia

This wānanga is for anyone who:

  • supports a Tauranga Moana approach to implementing the NPS freshwater at a regional policy & plan level, and
  • want to be involved in the practical roll out of this kaupapa.

We need to determine how to support the wellbeing of our awa. To work out how we can do this, we need to know what flow our awa need to have and what life they need to support. The main focus of this wananga is to learn to conduct a Cultural Flow Preference Study (CFPS) & Koiora Assessment Study (KAS). We will be learning the Tipa models.

The Tipa CFPS model is not a “reconnection tool’ to re-introduce whānau to a catchment they might not have been active in for years or generations. To establish flow preference, it is critical that assessments are done by people who know their awa. If you are in the “reconnecting” space, kei te pai. Our kaupapa is inclusive but we need you to be open with us so we can account for this in our planning.

At some stage during the wānanga, we will need to re-gauge the level of support for a Tauranga Moana approach to implementing the NPS freshwater at a regional policy and plan level. If you can consider your view on this in advance of the wānanga so we can hear everyone’s responses at the wānanga, that would be much appreciated.

In planning processes, councils like to focus on mandates and representativeness. This kaupapa is not about mandates and you do not need a mandate to participate. This kaupapa is about empowering whānau and kaitiaki first & foremost.


Some of you might find it hoha but it makes things so much easier for the organisers. Not only does it help us with basic organising considerations, and ensure you receive any relevant communications, it also helps us to understand things like:

  • what kind of support people might need
  • what kind of skill sets we have among us, and
  • how to best organise or use these different skillsets within the project;
  • the makeup of our kaitiaki assessment teams
  • ensuring we cover the right awa
  • whether there are any gaps in our project that need attention
  • project costs & potential funding options / avenues

The level of commitment has not changed. We need whānau/kaitiaki who can commit to a fortnightly or once a month regular monitoring programme between October – March/April each year. If this sounds like you or someone you know, please forward them the link to this form and encourage them to register. Attendance at both days of the wānanga is essential.

Simply click on the link provided below. The link takes you to the online form and you will be asked to sign in or create an account. Once signed in, the form will take you 5 – 10 mins to complete. The form has a limited lifespan and will expire on Friday 23rd October so make sure you register before this day if you wish to attend.

Register here: https://forms.gle/33fNnZEjjgLyurbx6

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