Māori wards may be established for cities and districts and Māori constituencies may be established for regions. Similar to the Māori Parliamentary seats, these Māori wards and constituencies establish areas where only those on the Māori Parliamentary electoral roll vote for the representatives. They sit alongside the general wards and constituencies which also cover the whole city, district or region. Those voting in Māori wards and constituencies receive only the same number of votes as anyone else.

Māori wards and constituencies may be established through one of the following processes

A council may resolve to establish Māori wards or constituencies. If so, a poll on the issue must be held if 5 percent of the electors of the city, district or region request it.

A council may decide to hold a poll on whether or not there should be Māori wards or constituencies.

A poll on whether there should be Māori wards or constituencies must be held if requested by a petition signed by 5 percent of the electors of the city, district or region.

The result of these polls are binding on the council for at least two elections. More information about reviewing representation arrangements can be found on the Local Government Commission’s website.

Kia kaha te iwi, let’s get involved and make those positive changes with council and support Maori wards. Encourage your whānau, hapū, iwi, hāpori, manuhiri, taurahere, pākeha, he tangata katoa to vote for Maori Wards. Use your power to vote, let us hear your voice to make this change! KIA TĀTOU – IT’S ABOUT US!

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